Brushes For Everything

To clean hair brushes remove excess hair with a comb. The dip natural-bristle brushes several times in a basin of warm water and mild liquid soap. Do not soak the brush, or the bristles can separate from the handle, and wooden handles can warp. Let it air dry. Wash synthetic brushes the same way, but you don’t need to be as careful. Hairbrushes collect oils from your head and scalp as well as the residue from styling products, so you must clean them regularly (at least once a month).

Makeup artists have shared this secret for years; you can buy soft, cheap, natural-bristle paint brushes at your local art supply store. Sometimes you’ll find exactly what you need; other times you may have to taper them yourself. If you want an eye shadow brush, cut one side on a slant; or round off square edges for a blush brush. Art supply stores area also a great source for cheap natural sponges, blotting papers for oily skin, cotton gloves (to seal in hand cream for an intensive treatment) and blocks of beeswax that you can melt down into balm.

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