So I took a break.

It probably had something to do with the fact that I had a daughter. Now that I'm back I hope to make this better then ever. Thanks for those who used to check this and I welcome those that are new to the site. Why I decided to start this up again, is because I found myself checking the site for recipes I had posted and other tidbits that I wanted to remember. So if I checked it and found it useful I thought others might as well. I stopped probably because I lost a little wind on the whole gardening topic.  I want to keep going and have 365 days of tidbits even if they're not in the same calendar year. Let's get ready to start March's theme- Beauty! I've been working hard, and I hope you find that these tidbits are not the useless facts you hear and remember. Instead I want these tidbits to help enhance your life-something worth remembering, so, here we go!

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