Colored Tape

The best tidbit I've found while moving is color coding.
By different colors of tape, one for each major room in your home. I've found that duct tape works best because it won't peal off during the actual moving process.
Next, get two sheets of colored paper that coordinates with each roll of tape. You'll need two because one for the house you're moving from and the one you're moving two.
Step 3-assign eat room a color. For example my bathrooms were always blue indicating water. The kitchen was green to remind me of veggies, the office was white to remind me of paper and so forth.
Step 4-tape the colored sheet of paper to the door of the room.
Step 5-every time you finish packing a box or container put a 2 inch (or so) piece of tape on the box to coordinate with the rooms color. When you're all done at a quick glance you'll know exactly what room the box came from. But why is this helpful?
When you move to your new location tape the second sheet of colored paper to each of the new rooms. When helpers come to unload the truck no one stands around waiting for the man or woman of the home to tell them where each box goes. All they have to do is find the room that matches the color of tape on each box. This sounds like a bit of extra work, but its really not. I found myself labeling the contents of each box right on the tape itself. I was going to create a label anyway, so why not color coordinate? Unpacking goes so much faster this way! And it makes the time of your volunteers much less painful, and less confusing.

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realmaplesyrup said...

This probably would have helped me three weeks ago!! JK. I have used similar codes. But this makes a lot of sense. And since i will be moving at least one more time, I can't wait till you can help me before moving again! ; ) right sis... Sis??