Rose Broach

I have been noticing a lot of rose broaches out there and my mom bought a hat for my daughter with one attached to it. So I tried to figure it out and it's super easy. The best part? If you buy a sheet of felt to make this yourself and have thread on hand, it will cost you about 25 cents each! Woo! I love a good inexpensive craft that takes minutes (not hours) of my time.

What you'll need:
A sheet of felt (I bought mine at JoAnn's)
thread-any kind will work, I used embroidery thread
safety pin.

Trace circles on the entire sheet of felt. If you don't have an erasable maker just pin a circle shape to the felt and cut it out. I used a 2" circle and it made 12.

Cut out the circles. One will be your base that you'll sew everything to. Now thread your needle leaving a knot at the end, and stick it up through the center of the base circle.

Fold one of the remaining circles in half and than half again (it will form a rounded triangle). Thread the needle close the the point of the folded circle and then stick it back down into the base.

Repeat this until your entire base is full. *you might not need all the circles you've cut. I ended up using 10.

Lastly sew on the safety pin to the back, and guess what, you're done!

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