I'll be honest this is probably one of my favorite summer activities. For those of you new to the idea here's how it works. Large-scale farmers will allow you to come to their farm, and hand pick the produce that you want. You bring it up to them at the end, they weigh what you've picked and off you go. You get to pick the best of the best and pay for what you want. Much better than getting a carton of strawberries only to find molded ones in the center. I've done U-Pick in Central Columbus for pumpkins, strawberries, red raspberries, black raspberries, black berries, apples, gooseberries, and green beans. Just double check at the end of the season, grocery stores might be receiving a lot of inventory and want to sell them at a great price. Green beans are one example of this. Sometimes it's the same price at the store, as a U-Pick. Meijer also supports local farmers, so that's where I go to get my produce, when I can't pick/grow it myself. HERE is a link of U-Pick farms in the country, scroll down and click on your state, and then select a region. I just found a U-pick farm for Strawberries just down the road. I love it.

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realmaplesyrup said...

When are we going this year??