If there's one thing I know how to grow it's a tomato. No, it's not because I'm Italian, okay, it might be. Here are a few tidbits. (I know I usually do one, but I'm feeling energized about the new theme!)
Tidbit: When growing tomatoes, this is one plant that it's best to start with a "starter plant". Sure you can start from seed, but the strongest tomatoes grow from starters bought at a gardening store. When you plant the tomato put half of the stalk in the dirt. You might think you're planting too much of the plant into the dirt, don't worry. The reason to plant half the stalk into the dirt: the portion that is underneath the ground actually turns into more roots, and makes the plant stronger. Also tomatoes love love love heat and sunlight! So find a nice sunny place for them and watch them grow. The hotter the day, the better.


Valerie said...

Another tip for tomatoes- when staking tomato plants, use strips of old nylons. They're gentle enough to not cut into the stalk but strong enough to keep the stalk straight.

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling i'm gonna fail at tomatoes this year, but i guess there's always hope!