Salad Bowl

Here's a quick guide if you do want to start from seeds. This is just for you ennbee.

Bell peppers: start with seeds indoor 8 weeks before the last frost, using 2-inch or slightly larger pots. Transplant outdoors after soil reaches 70-85 degrees. Light: full sun, Water: 1" per week, Eat: 65-85 days later.

Carrots: sow directly in the garden 2 to 3 weeks before the last expected frost. Light: full sun, Water: 1" per week, less as plant matures, Eat: 45-85 days.

Lima Beans: Plant approx. 2 weeks after the average date of last frost. Light: full sun, Water: soil should have good drainage and must be kept moist, but not soaked, Eat: 7-30 days based on soil temp. (aka plant again and again all summer long).

Tomatoes: tomato transplants can be grown indoors from seed in 6 to 8 weeks. Move them to the garden 1 or 2 weeks after average last frost. Light: full sun, Water 1" per week, Eat: 55-90 days.

Lettuce: plant outside as soon as the ground us no longer frozen. Seeds will germinate when soil temp is as low as 45 degrees. Light: full sun, Water even moisture, Eat: 40-85 days.

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