Keeping Pests Out

Tidbit: Rabbits can quickly destroy a gardener's hard work, and mice can be quite a problem in vegetable gardens. Try mixing 5 tbs. of cayenne pepper (or use a bottle of hot pepper sauce) with a gallon of water and 1 tsp. of dish washing detergent. Spray plants thoroughly. Mothballs also work great- place in an old butter tub, poke holes in lid, and place under plants around garden. You could even bury the tubs and cover lightly with dirt to keep kids and pets out.

Source: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/300024/natural_techniques_to_keep_pests_out_pg2.html?cat=6


Anonymous said...

OH, you mean THOSE kinds of pests.

what about the HUMAN kind?

realmaplesyrup said...

Wasn't there something about planting marigolds around your garden too??

Reed said...

The pepper method works, and another method that is effective is putting a simple bar of cheap soap here and there. It works wonders with the deer, too!