Below is a chart showing how many days and the temp it takes to get a seed to germinate. I've tried many types of containers to germinate seeds. Sometimes I keep the black throw away containers flowers come in and use that to germinate. I've also tried the fancy kind. The important thing really isn't the container. It's the temp. If the container has a lid, there is no need to water after the initial first watering. The moisture from the soil gets evaporated, but collects on the lid. When there is enough collection, it forms large drops and falls. Thus it "rains" and you have your own greenhouse. It's very exciting when they do finally break the surface. Most homes are kept around 68-70 degrees (Fahrenheit). Getting the seeds in the ground now, and you can plant them when they are strong enough. Don't wait too long, or the root system will die from lack of room. The "0" indicates little or no germination. The "--" indicates not tested.

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