Toilet bowl

Tidbit: Use undiluted white vinegar to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl. Before you begin, dump a bucket of water into the toilet to force water out of the bowl and allow access to the sides. Pour undiluted white vinegar around the bowl and scrub with a toilet brush to remove stains and odor. Use a pumice stone to remove any remaining hard water rings.

Baking soda: a natural scouring powder, baking soda also neutralizes acids and bases, so it eliminates odors rather than covering them. IF you have a pan with burned-on grease, put it on the stove with water and baking soda. Boil the water the grease floats right up. Make sure to get one that is “pure” or 100 % baking soda.
Caddy: make sure it’s deep enough to contain spills and wide enough to contain products

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