Spilled Wax

Tidbit: If wax gets spilled onto a tablecloth or the carpet, lay down a clean paper towel and iron out the wax. The wax goes onto the paper towel leaving no residue behind.


Mild Abrasive cleanser: peppered with small mineral or metal granules, this solution helps scour scum and tub tiles with minimum elbow grease. Terms like mild and gentle tell you the product is safe on most surfaces.
Vinegar: its high acidic level removes mineral deposits from faucets and windows and kills bacteria. Use plain distilled white vinegar with a solution of 5 % acetic acid. Use it undiluted or mix one cup with a gallon of water. NOTE: it’s not ideal for acid sensitive surfaces like marble.

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Anonymous said...

i like this wax idea. i'm almost hoping for someone to tip over a candle just so i can try it!