Tidbit: Clean your screens. It can be labor intensive, but it's better than replacing them.
1. Remove screens from your windows and take them outside for cleaning.
2. Unless you are sure that every window in your house has the exact same dimensions, it is wise to mark the screens so you will remember which window they fit. Even a slight variation in size will prevent the screen from fitting another window.
3. Lay the screens on a flat surface. You may wish to use a tarp under the screens, but it is not necessary.
4. Prepare a cleaning solution of 1 cup household ammonia, 3 cups water and a squirt of dish detergent. Fill a spray bottle with the solution.
5. Spray the window screen with the hose to wet thoroughly.
6. Apply cleaning solution with a spray bottle, being sure to cover all areas of the screen. Let the solution set for 10 minutes to lift dirt and grime from the screens.
7. Brush lightly with a soft bristled scrub brush, being careful to remove dirt and grime from the corners of the screens. Rinse the brush often to remove built-up dirt on the brush. Continue until you have removed all soiled areas.
8. Hose down the screens to remove dirt and soap residue. Be sure that water drains away from the screen and the screen does not rest in a soapy pool of water.
9. Lift screen and shake of excess water. Allow to air dry.
10. Replace screens to their original windows.

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The Katzbox said...

Excellent! I'm on a mission to start purchasing my necessary cleaning items!!!