Tidbit: When coming in from the snow have someone or you previous to going out, lay newspapers down. When you come back inside, you don’t have to worry about boots tracking in all that mess. The newspapers soak up the wet mess and then can be collected and thrown away without worrying about cleaning your floor. This doesn't have to be just for snow though, it can be on rainy days too. Who wants all those wet shoe prints all over the entry way?

Findings: the newspapers take a little while to dry. If you pick them up while still wet, there's really no point in laying them down in the first place. My mom always laid down newspapers for us as kids when we go out and play in the snow. It worked well and was a snap to clean up.

Note: If your shoes get wet too stuff dry newspapers into the shoe. Pack it in. Keep changing the wet newspapers until the shoes are dry. There isn't a "wet" smell left behind either.


Spray bottle: The bottle makes cleaning large surfaces a snap. It also comes in handy for spraying homemade stain removal solutions onto carpets and upholstery. Buy professional spray bottles-they’ll last at least 10 years. Go for plastic. Metal may rust and compromise the mixture in the bottle.
Rubber gloves: They protect your skin from harmful agents, especially the chemicals in oven cleaners. Look for the right size. Big ones flop around, and small ones are hard to remove. NOTE: a foam lining will absorb interior dampness better than a cotton one.


Valerie said...

Regarding the rubber gloves- OR you could totally switch to non-toxic cleaners that won't eat away at your skin.

Brown and Serve said...

Good point. I just don't like the thought of getting germs on my hands...