Tidbit: If you want a fresh scent to your car try this: Buy a piece of felt, doesn't have to be very large. I bought one that was 8.5" x 11' pre-cut to match the interior of my car. pour a few drops of your favorite environmental oil and place it under a seat in the car. When your car heats up from the sun, it also heats the scent, making your car smell wonderful.

Findings: A customer of mine told me this when I worked at a fragrance store. I tried it and it worked. I changed it up a lot too. I just stored the used felt piece in a zip lock bag until I wanted it again. I'd match my fragrances to the season. The only down side is that it doesn't really work at all in cold climates. The scent lasts about a week. But if you buy an inexpensive bottle, the liquid lasts a long time and is a lot more sightly then those car fresheners hanging from the rear-view mirror.

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nice idea! thanks!