Candle holders

Tidbit: To get wax out of the bottom of a candle holder or jar, place in the freezer. After a few minutes the wax releases from the glass. NOTE: if the mouth of the jar is smaller than its bottom you’ll have to cut the wax into small pieces to get it out, otherwise it will come out whole.

I actually tried this last Christmas and it worked really well. At first it didn't come right out, so I let it freeze a little longer, and that did the trick.


Squeegee: a quality squeegee has a durable rubber edge that displaces liquid on glass without streaks. It works on mirrors and shower doors too. A brass or stainless steel squeegee is best. Wipe if off after every pass.
Disinfecting wipes: they eradicate nearly 100% of bacteria and can clean a counter in a flash. Look for a label with a registered number from the EPA. This means the product has been proven to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Store it upside down so the wipes don’t dry out.


your mom said...

now I had NO idea about storing those wipes upside down!! thanks for that "tidbit" as I'll change them right now! And I do love those wipes.

Anonymous said...

i am so totally with your mom on this thing about the wipes! who in the world knew? great tip! thanks, liz.

here's one for ya - store your plastic wrap in the fridge and it won't get all stuck to itself when you go to use it next time. :)

Anonymous said...

but wait a minute - if you store them upside down, won't the other end just dry out instead? or is the theory that the other end, i.e. the true bottom, has been sitting in the manufacturer and on the truck and on the store shelf so long that they are so thoroughly drenched as to NEVER dry out, no matter if they're turned upside down?

or am i just missing some basic principle of science here? (wouldn't be the first time.)

tidbits said...

I'm not sure, I just bought a new tub of wipes ( I can't seem to get enough of these things) so I'll store it upside down from the beginning to see if they ever dry out, and I'll post my findings here.

Valerie said...

As I am a candle junkie this tidbit will come in handy!