April's theme.

April Showers! This is the time of the year where I really get itchy to open the windows, let the stale air out and the fresh air in. I also feel very motivated to scrub down the house. There's just something about the smell of cleaning supplies mixed with fresh air from outside. It makes the house seem even cleaner. So in honor of spring officially being here, let's get to scrubbing! This month's tidbits are going to include tips, recipes for DIY household cleaners, and I'm also going to be posting other's tips to see if they really do work or not. My dad and I did this when I was a teenage and had a lot of fun. We'd find clothes with pen, and ink on them to see what took it out. We got out the copper pots and removed the tarnish. If something works really well I'm going to be taking pictures, so we'll see.

We all need an essential cleaning kit as well so I'll be posting 2 items for the next 8 days. This kits comes to us via Real Simple's Nov. 2007 issue.

I'm also running a contest again. If you can suggest a tidbit, and it gets posted in April, you'll receive handmade dish cloths from yours truly. Please send suggestive tidbits to tidbits365@yahoo.com. In the mean time happy cleaning.


The Bowmans said...

I will be considering my cleaning tip. I love your cloths! :)

Anonymous said...

best way to keep on top of cleaning and not to have to face a MAJOR chore is to use wipes (cheap brand). in the morning, for example, when i'm done getting ready in the bathroom, i take a wipe and quickly run it across the counters, the sinks, even the toilet. i do the same thing in the kitchen at the end of the day.

it's so simple, so easy, and SO clean.

i couldn't live without my cheap-o wipes.

The Bowmans said...

i second mom's suggestion. She also taught me to make good use of the laundry. if you are taking a cloth, towel, etc. to the laundry, wipe surfaces along the way for a quick dusting!